Are newspapers dying as TV and online media grab the headlines?

In a blog post based on a survey of 2000 adults in the UK, JournoLink has published some startling insights for businesses looking to get their news into the media. The News Consumption Report in the UK, 2018 shows that TV and social media trump our once trusted newspapers as the leading news sources for consumers with a combined preferred news source figure of 60% of the public, five times more than newspapers at 12%. Moreover, the report shows that over the decade from 2008 to 2018 newspaper sales have declined by 50% from 11.5 to 5million copies daily.

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For businesses wanting to get their brands and activities into the public domain, this sends a clear message about the rising fortunes of TV and social media platforms against the decline of the once-ubiquitous papers which were consumers’ main window to the world. PR activities will reflect these consumer choices about news sources.

And as with all consumer behaviour, the devil is in the detail. Our survey reports that newspaper purchase is a very male habit; the 12.4 percent of consumers who buy a newspaper daily (against the nearly quadruple or 38.4% who never buy newspapers) are twice as likely to be men.

JournoLink‘s blog post also points to the age of consumers as a factor driving their choices. Says Julie Coquerelle, Head of Marketing at JournoLink: “Our research has found that half of those aged 18-24 get the majority of their news from social media websites, with many others getting their news from the TV, news websites and via search engines.”

But newspapers are not dead. If 38.4 % never buy papers, then over 60 percent still do. Moreover, JournoLink reports that the motivations for buying papers are also driven by other quirks and learned behaviours and sometimes even where the consumer of news lives, as the blog post shows. Trust is also an issue driving news consumption sources and the post sheds light on which news media and platforms enjoy the most trust.

The report provides a rounded picture for public relations practitioners and businesses and will provide insights into where they might aspire to place their news for themselves and clients.

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