Food, Drink and Hospitality Businesses Get Early Christmas Present from JournoLink

Online PR service JournoLink has launched a dedicated ‘Food, Drink and Hospitality’ platform in the lead-up to Christmas, giving businesses the ability to share with local and sector journalists their latest news not just in the period that is the highlight of their year, but also throughout all of 2024.

Providing support with writing and distributing Press Releases and showcasing through the businesses’ own on-web Media Rooms, the Food, Drink and Hospitality PR platform is powered by JournoLink, one of the leading PR services supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

Angus Hay, Managing Director of JournoLink commented, “With an estimated quarter of a million small businesses operating in the UK in Food, Drink and Hospitality, attracting annual consumer spending of nearly £100 billion, an increase of over 27% year on year, this is a perfect time for us to be making the JournoLink services available to this sector. The vast majority of businesses operating in Food, Drink and Hospitality do not have the luxury of large marketing budgets, yet they need to compete with not just national, but also global, franchise operators with extensively profiled brands. We are now giving them the same tools as big business but without the cost, enabling them to meet the demands from local and sector journalists for good local news.”

At less than the price of a daily coffee the food, drink and hospitality businesses that we all rely on now have the same opportunity as their big business competitors to share their news, activities, and promotions with the online and print journalists that matter, and get valuable mentions in the press.

Details of the Food Drink and Hospitality PR Platform can be found at

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