JournoLink to give Micro Businesses a Big Business Voice in the Media on MicroBizMatters Day

JournoLink, the leading small business online PR platform, is set to promote the country’s 5 million micro businesses on Micro Biz Matters Day, Friday 11 January.

Passionate about giving small businesses access to the media in the same way as big businesses, but without the expense of agencies, JournoLink is helping micro businesses to distribute a press release promoting their brands for just £20, using the promo code MBMD19. Details on how to redeem the offer are available at this address:

JournoLink co-founder, Peter Ibbetson said: “This is the one day in the year when we should all be saluting the part that micro businesses play, both in our communities and the economy as a whole. They are the unsung heroes in every one of our high streets, and we are delighted to be supporting #MicroBizMattersDay by helping them shout about their successes and getting their message in front of up to 10,000 journalists.

“Many of the journalists we distribute to are local and are as keen as anyone to highlight local success stories, so we hope businesses will take up the opportunity of sharing their news with them.”

Tony Robinson OBE, Co-Founder of #MicroBizMatters Day, with Tina Boden, said:

“On a personal basis, I have been a subscriber to the JournoLink platform, since the beginning, as it is a very affordable way of building your online and offline profile with journalists.

“Micro-business owners like me find it difficult to afford a conventional PR Agency on a retained basis. I find with the JournoLink platform that I'm constantly being given the opportunity to respond to journalists' requests, in fact, I've responded today to the BBC on behalf of #MicroBizMattersDay.

“There are many excellent learning resources to improve your PR presence and, of course, it is great to have your own newsroom and press profile. I'm kept well informed on business events coming up so that I can hook my press releases to these events. On top of this, my press releases are highly targeted through the JournoLink software and I find that the releases about my 'Micro is Magic' keynote conference talk reach an average of 4,200 targeted journalists.

“This is an affordable, unique and alternative platform for generating media interest and coverage.”


Notes to Editors:

Media Contact: Julie Cocquerelle, Head of Marketing - 0330 124 6550

Details of MicroBizMattersDay are available at this address:

Information about JournoLink is available at this address:

The MBMD19 promo code is available to all small businesses from 10 January to 18 January. Details about the offer are available at this address:

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