Free tool allows SMEs to comment on Coronavirus impact direct to the media

JournoLink, the online PR platform linking businesses and agencies directly to the media, has launched a new free to use tool for small businesses wanting to share their comment with the media and policy makers regarding the impact of Coronavirus on their business.

JournoLink is encouraging businesses to publicise how the virus is impacting their business in highlighting their wins and losses as a result. The insights they’ve achieved and the solutions they have found are vital to help our communities weather the storm of their new social and operational conditions. They are also important sources of ideas for government and policy makers as to how we can help each other prevail over our present difficulties.

Co-founder of JournoLink, Peter Ibbetson said, ‘JournoLink has over 7,500 businesses as well as 10,000 journalists registered on the platform. We are the perfect conduit for businesses to promote their hacks and insights as they battle the current challenges, and we know that journalists will be only too willing to share their comments with their readers, viewers, listeners and policymakers”

“We have access to a broad range of journalists from the BBC to bloggers, North, East, West and South, and we are determined to play our part in showing just how resilient the SME community is in this country. All businesses are struggling and there is no charge for businesses using the tool to post Coronavirus related comment.’

In addition to enabling businesses to share their news, JournoLink is also keen to remind journalists that the platform is there too for their use in asking for direct comment from businesses for stories that they are writing.

Businesses wanting to access the free tool simply need to register at - use of the tool doesn’t require a subscription.

Journalists looking to access comments and spokespeople from SMEs can visit or email

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