Live Europe Referendum opinion survey of over 32,000 'Undecideds' points towards voter confusion and tendency towards 'Leave'

A dynamic online questionnaire to help undecided voters make their mind up about which way to vote in the referendum has attracted over 32,000 respondents within 5 days of going live. With over 250 new responses still contributing every hour it has developed into the biggest indicator of the issues that will dictate the result on the 23rd, and is pointing marginally in favour of the Leave side.

Compiled and run by JournoLink, the online PR platform for small businesses, the questionnaire on invites respondents to say whether they agree or disagree with 20 questions covering Trade, Economy, Immigration, Defence and Governance. It then indicates whether the overall response leans towards ‘Stay’ or ‘Leave’

Peter Ibbetson, Director at JournoLink commented, “Every day we are helping small businesses to get their voice heard in the media. We put together to help undecided voters for the referendum to do just that too. The response has been immense and is a clear indication that many people are struggling to decide which box to tick on the 23rd. Over 250 new respondents are using the model every hour and we are continuing to monitor the results’

As interesting as the overall voting indication are the areas in the questionnaire where the responses are absolutely balanced between ‘Stay’ and ‘Leave’, and those areas where a good proportion simply do not know how to respond.

After 32,000 responses there is a broadly even split between those who believe ‘Europeans should be able to live and work anywhere in Europe without restrictions’, with 48% agreeing and 45% disagreeing. At the same time though more than 8 out of 10 agree that Britain should say who comes into Britain to work.

On the economy around a third of respondents simply do not have a view on whether Britain could negotiate better trade deals as an EU member, or outside of the EU. Similarly more than a third could not make their minds up on whether the economy would be more stable with Britain in Europe or out. However, half did agree that ‘European red tape stands in the way of British business’, but against this 9 out of 10 agreed that it is important for British businesses to trade freely with EU countries.

The vast majority are in agreement on defence and crime, but the responses are not consistent with voting either ‘Stay’ or ‘Leave’. Whilst 86% felt that open borders might make it easier for criminals to move between countries, 95% also said justice should span borders.

Overall, after 32,000 responses the results show a lead to ‘Leave’ with 55%.

Respondents were largely obtained through social media with more than 94% coming from the UK. Whilst only 6% of the results have come from overseas, there is a marked difference from overseas respondents whose responses indicate a ‘Stay’ at 55%, compared with the pure British tendency at 41%

The questionnaire is open for completion at any time up to midnight on the 22nd, and JournoLink will be monitoring and reporting the outputs.

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