JournoLink Expands Specialised PR Platform to Support Health and Social Care Businesses

Innovative PR platform JournoLink has extended its specialised online tools and expertise to help Health and Social Care enterprises be recognised in the media. This initiative allows businesses to raise their profiles, help solve recruitment-related problems, and grow their brand with specialist support designed to address the specific needs of the sector.

Called JournoLink for Health and Social Care, the initiative is now available for Care Agencies and is officially launching with a promotional campaign.

“At JournoLink, we’ve designed this project to enable Health and Social Care businesses to raise their share of voice, improve brand representation among users, recruits, commissioning authorities and communities, and lay the foundation for long-term brand growth for themselves,” said JournoLink Managing Director Angus Hay.

The health and social care sector is well known for its recurring challenges, including staff recruitment and retention, high employee turnover, problems with mentorship and training, and complex care coordination often with multi-agency input. Good PR can help address these challenges, according to JL Client services manager Tania Ferguson. She says “Relationships with end-users, potential recruits, and commissioning agencies are all influenced by having a great brand image. The tools we make available on our platform, added to the support JournoLink provides in a way that fits their needs, will be a game changer for a sector long neglected in the marketing communications field.

JournoLink for Health and Social Care includes dedicated media lists targeting relevant media in their locality for Health and Social Care providers. There will also be calendars of relevant events, awards, dates, and announcements for the sector. Users will be able to monitor engagements with the media they work with via JournoLink, and training packages will be available for those who want to do their own PR while working with the platform.

For those interested in seeing the capabilities of the platform, a demo can be booked by contacting Tania Ferguson at

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Contact: Tania Ferguson
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JournoLink is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn PR software that helps small businesses and PR professionals communicate with huge audiences.

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