JournoLink announces support for Selfie Salon to recognise NHS heroes and coronavirus affected businesses as ‘lock down hair’ gets fashionable.

JournoLink, the online PR platform for smaller businesses and agencies, is sponsoring and promoting the Selfie Salon charitable initiative backing health based charities, and the health and beauty businesses impacted by the coronavirus close down.

Set to go viral, Selfie Salon is not only aimed at raising donations to support your favourite charities, but is also addressing what is becoming a top of the list concern for both men and women as the lock down period continues and closed grooming and beauty parlours mean that hair do’s and nail painting enter the world of DIY.

The Selfie Salon initiative is simple. Do your own self grooming and donate the money you save to a charity connected with those businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis, or to the charities that support the health heroes who are looking after the country.

But to add a smile to everyone, take a before and after selfie and post it on the website at the same as making the donation.

JournoLink founder Peter Ibbetson explained why JournoLink is a supporter. “At JournoLink we are committed to helping small businesses get their stories into the media. Many of those small businesses are suffering from temporary closure or are having to pivot into a new way of running their businesses. This is particularly the case for health and beauty businesses and supporting Selfie Salon is a way of JournoLink doing its bit to help. On the JournoLink team we have a very hairy Welshman, and a shiny topped journalist……I can’t wait to see their before and after images!”

Matt Hagger, driving Selfie Salon added, “Getting the message out about Selfie Salon is what will help it go viral, put a smile on thousands of faces and in turn build the charitable donations. Having JournoLink on board with its distribution capability to thousands of journalists who care about small businesses is a huge help.”

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