On the 19th of November, London’s renowned Old Billingsgate will open its doors to welcome the UK’s most brilliant business minds. In attendance will be over 120 entrepreneurs who embody a spirit of disruption, innovation and enterprise across 20 categories of business.

From Fashion to Social Enterprise, Young entrepreneur to Media Disruptor, there will be sufficient evidence indicative of the UK’s unprecedented rise in small businesses. There will be plenty of inspiration, too, given that carrying an idea from brainwave to business is a journey ridden with potholes. A 2013 survey suggested that in year one of pursuit, the average entrepreneur takes 9 days holiday. Carrying a business to success requires even more strength – only 44% of new businesses survive the first 5 years. So, it is excellent that the awards provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity for encouragement, recognition and praise.

Journolink is firmly of the belief that the small businesses deserve media coverage and mainstream recognition, given that they have been playing a pivotal role in ensuring the UK sees a rise in economic prosperity. Celebrations such as the Great British Entrepreneur Awards are vital in encouraging creative business minds to persevere on their plight – for everyone's benefit.

We will be hosting a table of journalists who have given much-deserved exposure to entrepreneurs and small businesses, to show solidarity for the cause. Going forward, we will be providing the shortlisted and winning candidates with PR support, including tailored press releases and campaign strategies.

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