Journolink, the disruptive on line Small Business PR platform, is relying on a variant to the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, by testing whether the same inducement will get to the column inches of the journalists.

On 30 January they are hosting an event at the Good Housekeeping Institute, the home of the Hearst Group of magazine titles, showcasing several of the businesses who use Journolink to attract the attention of Journalists.

Several businesses are sure to achieve their objective . From 10.00am Grub Club will be tempting journalists with their paleo muffins and Juvin8 will be teasing their taste buds with their juice range. Pandering to their egos will also be the Headshot Man creating the images that even the most self conscious will be happy to add to their Facebook page. Other businesses including Office Pantry, Pooch and Mutt, Frugl, The Headshot Guy and Primedia will be on show too.

With over 1000 businesses now subscribing to Journolink, Gemma Guise, the Managing Director of Journolink, is keen to use the event to demonstrate how journalists can access a whole range of small business spokespeople looking to make their voice as loud as their big business brothers.

'Through Journolink,' she says, ' we not only help small businesses write and distribute their press releases, but we also have an extensive and growing database of businesses for journalists to search, and seek spokespeople from, to contribute to their stories. We are making the voice of the small business heard. What we have found too is that the journalists genuinely do want to hear from small businesses; until now though they have struggled to access them. We hope to attract the interest of many of the Hearst Group magazine journalists at the event, and as a result see more and more small businesses stories covered.'

Hopefully the event will be a success, with the inches going into the magazines' columns and not round the journalists' waists!

The event commences at 9.00am at the Good Housekeeping Institute in St Annes Court W1F 0BJ.

Details and free tickets are available from

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