The economy is ‘ booming’, but not our businesses.

In the week that GDP growth has topped pre collapse heights, and in the

week in which the high street banks are finally all showing growing

profits, our high street business backbone is still nervous about

standing straight and proud.

Of the hundreds of businesses registered with Journolink there is still

a reluctance for Great British Business to blow its own trumpet.

Managing Director of Journolink, Gemma Guise says. “If we adopted the

same enthusiasm as the businesses in the USA, our media would be full of

local survival, success and growing business stories. The fact is that

our businesses are shy when it comes to promoting themselves, yet the

journalists are screaming out for editorial comment….there is plenty of

demand but little supply.”

So Journolink is challenging the business world with an offer that

should stir some pride. During August, any business which has shown

turnover growth in the past twelve months can register with them for

free and issue their press release success story for free. Journolink

will take care of the rest.

“We are absolutely committed to giving small businesses a voice in the

media. We can provide the platform but our businesses need to make the

noise,’ says Guise. “We are up for the challenge if they are. Check out”

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JournoLink is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn PR software that helps small businesses and PR professionals communicate with huge audiences.

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