Small Businesses speak up in support of Government's Late Payment Tzar with case studies

In response to the Government's announcement of a Small Business Commissioner to look into big business delaying payments to small business, small business owners have come forward willing to offer journalists case studies and quotes.

JournoLink, the small business online platform linking small businesses to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers, have several case studies ranging from a long standing Ethical Debt Collection business, PRMS Limited, a training business now borrowing from friends and family to fund cash-flow having little success chasing big business for overdue payments, a Cambridge based coffee shop, the Linton Kitchen, where the small suppliers in the supply chain are now also being affected, through to a business already in communication with the local MP. All are ready to come forward with their stories for journalists to offer the Commissioner evidence of the impact on businesses.

Immediate contact can be made to: (the Linton Kitchen)

or to for further details of all businesses

Details on all businesses are available on, where further editorial requests can also be made.

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