PR platform, JournoLink, upgrades following £500k investment

JournoLink, the online PR platform helping business owners connect with the media, has upgraded following a £500k equity investment led by the Development Bank of Wales.

After four years of helping business owners gain exposure the platform has improved current services making the interface more user friendly, as well as introducing new tools, such as a customisable media room, to further develop the businesses PR efforts.

“JournoLink has become established as a leading resource for smaller businesses to link with the media without having to engage with expensive consultants. Now is the time for us to build on the existing platform and provide not only an affordable solution, but also market leading features genuinely to help businesses achieve the media profile they deserve,” says JournoLink Director and co-founder, Peter Ibbetson.

Since the investment JournoLink has expanded to Cardiff, building on the development team to drive the platform upgrade, the latest of many steps JournoLink is taking to disrupt the PR industry and position itself as a market leader.

The upgrade introduces more ways for businesses to distribute their press release content and more tools for collaboration, as well as a new pricing structure, all while maintaining the platform’s competitive price and accessibility.

Launched in 2014, JournoLink has helped over 4,500 businesses kick start their PR, and 7,000 journalists find case studies, comments and spokespeople. Following the investment and platform upgrade JournoLink is able to reach even more businesses looking for accessible PR.


- Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Manager

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- JournoLink bridges the gap between businesses and the media; using the online platform businesses can connect with journalists, broadcasters and bloggers through news, editorial requests and events.

- Founded in 2014 the platform was created by Peter Ibbetson, Gemma Guise and broadcast journalist Tetteh Kofi.

- Combining Peter’s experience in the small business market, with daughter Gemma’s PR skills and Tetteh's knowledge of the media industry, they were able to create an all-in-one solution for businesses who want to get in front of the media and journalists who struggle to find new and exciting business stories, case studies and opinions.

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JournoLink is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn PR software that helps small businesses and PR professionals communicate with huge audiences.

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