Online PR platforms join forces to give freelancers big agency capabilities

Leading online PR platforms JournoLink, and The PR Cavalry have joined forces in providing freelancers with a new toolkit built by JournoLink specifically for PR freelancers and small agencies.

The PR Cavalry has around 1500 freelancers across the UK and clients use the site to find and hire sector specialists with no hiring fees. Bringing the JournoLink Agency Platform to the membership provides an affordable way for them to undertake and manage their PR assignments. The platform comprises a range of services including intelligent press release distribution, campaign prompts, press room management and access to journalist contacts, where a PR freelancer can manage all their clients without hassle, in one place, and without the need for a big budget.

Welcoming the partnership, founder of The PR Cavalry, Nigel Sarbutts said, ‘We are building not only a platform for freelancers to win new clients but a full package of ways for them to increase profitability. The Journolink platform enables freelancers to offer services in a way normally associated with fully fledged agencies.’

‘Joining forces with The PR Cavalry is great news for JournoLink,’ added Peter Ibbetson, co-founder of JournoLink. ‘ The Agency Platform that we have built is a compelling solution for small PR agencies, and PR freelancers, who often find themselves having to use expensive external services in delivering their contracts. JournoLink puts everything in one place for them, with augmented intelligence at the centre making it very affordable. It’s a perfect answer for The PR Cavalry’s members and we are delighted to be working with them.’


JournoLink. Peter Ibbetson


The PR Cavalry. Nigel Sarbutts


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