Online PR Platform JournoLink launches new Agency solution with just five words

Cutting the cost of managing clients’ PR, and providing a no frills, user friendly, platform for Marketing Professionals and PR freelancers and small agencies was the challenge JournoLink set itself in developing its new disruptive platform launched this week.

The brief had five words in it.

Flexibility, so that subscribers pay for the components that they need. A freelancer with just two clients should just pay for two profiles. If graphs and over-engineered reports aren’t needed then why have to pay extra for them?

JournoLink Managing Director, Angus Hay said, “The team listened to the market professionals who have been crying out for a high value but low cost offering and we have delivered just that.”

Affordability in hard times.

“It’s not just domestic consumers that are feeling the pinch,” says Hay, ”We all know that businesses are having to cut back on their budgets and that has a direct impact on the consultants that they use. Being able to deliver to clients more affordably than in the past, and indeed take on more clients at a lower price point, is now no longer a choice. It’s an imperative both for client recruitment and client retention.”

Relevance, quite simply giving consultants what they need to deliver professionally to their clients, but no more was a demand that runs through the whole platform. ‘Over-complicated, and as a result over-priced’ was a frustration heard from many industry users. The JournoLink solution focuses on what is actually required…..quality distribution to relevant journalists, access to a comprehensive media database, useful analytics, client media room hosting, and a straightforward CRM system that enables consultants to both manage client plans and help to justify the ROI.

Usability when time is of the essence. ‘Please, please, please make it user-friendly’ was the plea, and that’s what the developers in JournoLink have managed to do, so that freelancers and any team members in an agency can use all the features without enduring weeks of training and without instinctively having to know what is hidden where.

The fifth word, though, was the first on their list.

Transparency at every stage.

Hay added, “It’s important to us that everyone looking at JournoLink knows exactly what they get and for how much. Transparency is becoming a key component of any service now, and we want to lead on it. Pricing clear from the off and published for all to see. No need to endure the sales pitch before any costs are disclosed. Free to sign up and get a feel for the platform before having to pay for it, and one on one demo’s on offer before commitment so that users know exactly what the service does from the start and how they can best use it. And a contactable team to give support if needed.”

Five simple words are set to transform how PR and Marketing professionals manage, retain and please their clients.

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Angus Hay:

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JournoLink is the online PR solution for small businesses, freelance PRs, PR agencies and marketing agencies. Providing all the functionality for the management of PR strategies, distribution of press releases and management of press rooms, JournoLink works with a wide range of partners, and additionally provides a series of training master classes for businesses looking to start their PR journeys.

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