Northern businesses set to outshout Southerners

Joining a prestigious list of business support organisations at the MADE Festival in Sheffield next week, newcomer on-line PR firm Journolink will be talking to businesses about how they can get their success stories into the media to enhance their brands.

Yorkshire-based Annette Petchey (Journolink chairwoman) commented, ‘We have a huge number of fantastic small businesses in the northern half of the country, many without the resources to employ expensive PR agencies to manage their external profiles. Journolink has been created both to link those businesses who do want to shout about their successes and for the local journalists and bloggers who want to hear their stories. We are looking forward to helping those businesses at the MADE Festival really make their mark’.

According to Gemma Guise, Managing Director at Journolink, there are four key things businesses should focus on:

• Put themselves in the shoes of the journalist and newspaper reader. Ensure the story that has real interest and an edge.

• Be clear and succinct in putting their press release together…that’s where the Journolink platform can really help

• Provide a strong quote, ideally from an independent recognised expert, and provide a high quality relevant picture to accompany the story

• Be sure to give contact details so that anyone interested can get in touch easily.

On Wednesday 24th September, Journolink will be hosting a ground-breaking TwitterChat on the Enterprise Express from London to Sheffield. Focusing on the trends that SME experts forecast will be impacting business in the coming year, Journolink will be busy in Sheffield working with northern businesses to help them increase the volume of their business voice.

About JournoLink

JournoLink is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn PR software that helps small businesses and PR professionals communicate with huge audiences.

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