Businesses looking to talk to journalists about adapting to COVID-19 conditions

JournoLink, the online PR platform, is providing a free service to business to share their stories about how they are coping with the COVID-19 challenges with journalists and broadcasters. A daily list is being sent to journalists.

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For full contact details of any of the businesses mentioned below, please send an email

Todays list of businesses looking to talk and making themselves available for interview:

Dog based digital community launching virtual dog across the UK show to support Coronavirus Charities

Adele Pember from Dog Furiendly

Home working business struggling with recently born cardiac problem baby

Lucy Werner from The Wern

London based business focused on sports draws competitions etc. Hit by events cancellations

Jeremy Stern from PromoVeritas Ltd

Shoe and bag restoration business….launching new service to remove viruses, bacteria etc

Ella from Shoe Spa

Business centred on social contact….seen big increase in interest

Louise Ahuja from Genesis PR

Community interest company repositioning to support elderly with food and prescriptions

Julie Earls from Appoint Us Services Midlands CIC

Training business being forced to go online

Andi Lonnen from Finance Training Academy

Business that’s closed its show room and is providing Whats App consultations

Philip Dawson from Lily Arkwright

For full contact details of any of the businesses mentioned below, please send an email

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