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Northern businesses set to outshout Southerners

Northern businesses are to be given a master class, run by innovative on-line PR firm Journolink at the Made Festival in Sheffield next week. MADE attendees will be shown how to maximise their brand profile in the media, ensuring their voice shouts as loud as the South of the country.

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Probably the best advice small businesses will get this year.

Using the power of social media, Journolink will run one of the biggest Twitter chats for Business that the SME community has yet to benefit from. At 10.30am on Wednesday 24th September, the Enterprise Express will run from London to Sheffield to the MADE Festival with many high profile business reps on board.

Press Release

The economy is ‘ booming’, but not our businesses.

As the politicians tell us that we are now officially out of recession and that we are the strongest growing economy in Europe, Journolink, the emerging on line PR dating agency between journalists and businesses is challenging UK business to shout about their successes.