Women in Business juggle Children and Facebook to survive the virus

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Kim Adele Platts from Kim Adele Ltd

I am an entrepreneur and single mum who like many has needed to pivot their business and balance childcare. I believe mindset is everything, that worrying about things outside of our control never changes anything; so we should try and focus on the things we can control. I got involved in a new project 25 Authors 1 Book in 8 days. The book is sharing tips to help people thrive whilst working remotely. It was published ten days after lockdown, becoming an international bestseller. The authors are leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe and it shows what we can achieve if we just believe.

Jo Child from Co-Women

My business is service based so I’ve had to take my coworking sessions and events online.

I’ve recently become more focused in helping other small businesses and have been putting my time into a Support Loval initiative, creating a Facebook group which now has almost 6000 members, and a website called Brighton Quarantine, which has over 300 businesses listed who deliver their goods to Brighton and Hove.

In addition I’ve since created a second group to help businesses like mine promote online training, courses and events.

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