Does it really cost £300 a week to keep the kids off the streets during the holidays? No, say JournoLink businesses

As research suggests parents are having to budget £1500 to fund their child's school holiday needs, small businesses have stepped up to offer suggestions of how to keep their restless offspring off the streets.

JournoLink, the on line platform linking small businesses to journalists, bloggers and broadcasters have surveyed their clients for innovative ideas that don't see calls on the governement to increase the child allowance.

Here are the top for each week of the break.

Leading the field is, who actually pay school holidayers to sit on their laptops and test new applications....with a bonus for any bugs they find. For those kids with square eyes, parents may need to look no further for the full six weeks, as well as seeing the new uniform paid for .

For the parents who prefer an educational solution, has a free download of 100 things to do before you are six, compiled with the help of teachers. So just right for the first 'what I did in my holidays' essay.

For the more charitable ones amongst us, focussed on putting smiles on others' faces at the same time as keeping their charges occupied, offers 31 acts of kindness to give their little angels a halo.

The budget pocket money ones should look to, who list things to do costing less than £10, with many free suggestions.

For the fitness orientated parents, the advice from treat is to get the bikes out, checking out for the best locations and top tips.

Looking for somewhere different to go though? Then try and send them off to Prioryfields for a great summer event.

Congratulations to the JournoLink top five. Once again, small businesses come to the rescue of hard pressed parents. £300 a week? Well maybe that's what big business wants to charge!

For case studies on the JournoLink top five, and other businesses please contact Journolink at or on 02071938262

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